DMCA & Copyrights

Here at we create our own designs, using images and designs we have licenses on. Everything we created are protected under copyright laws, and we take this law very seriously.

We will go after p4p stealers, contact and issue takedown notices if we feel we are being infringed. 

Sale does not transfer the copyright of the designs/images.
We (the shop owner @mioqlo) retains all reproduction rights and copyrights.

Under no circumstances that if we sold any of our products with our designs on them would mean that you can use our designs freely, and for example, resell them on other marketplaces digitally or on products, without our written permissions.

If you have any copyright issue regarding our design, or if you feel that our design infringe yours, we are sorry, it was not intended as we are being very careful not to.

You are welcome to let us know by emailing us: with the details of your copyrights, trademarks, as much detail as possible will speed up the process. We will respond within 3 business days, thank you for your patience.